~~    Welcome to my blog, RESTLESS DRAGON    ~~

A place where I document dreams, ideas and travels through written word and photographic imagery. I don’t know how you happened upon this particular blog, but I welcome you with open arms! Come along with me on my journey exploring the world and discovering a little more about myself along the way.

Why the name restless dragon? A Restless Dragon defines who I am. Born on the year of the dragon according to the lunar calendar and being named as such. I am in a constant state of restlessness. Forever in wanderlust, always dreaming about the opportunity to go on the next adventure.


~~    THE BEGINNING    ~~

Born and raised in the prairies of of Central Canada. First child of the first generation in the great white north. I was sheltered for a majority of my life.

I was constantly getting into trouble, trying to find an outlet for my creativity. Let’s just say I was a weird kid growing up. I gave my parents much more trouble than they deserved. 

With that said, I also lived a rather standard Asian childhood. School was everything. There was little to no freedom between K-1 through University.

All according to my parents plan I suppose. The next step was to start a family. Being a little rebellious there were some detours, but for the most part I didn’t stray too far from the beaten path.



The plan was to let life take its course naturally.

I wasn’t exactly happy with my life, but didn’t exactly hate it either. I could enjoy myself when I retired. That was the mindset. At least it was until I was diagnosed with A.S.

Being told I had a incurable disease which would eventually take away all mobility was hard to swallow. A.S. wouldn’t take my life, but in my mind it might as well have.

I am on a proverbial timer. One that is set to go off much sooner then expected. 

It took awhile to soak everything in but I have decided until that day comes I will enjoy myself as much as possible on my terms!


~~    THE PLAN    ~~

I did not know what I wanted in life but I couldn’t follow the path my parents wanted anymore. I was not happy with where I was going and I needed to discover what would. 

I dropped everything and bought a one way ticket to a location half way around the world. My first stop was to “The Land of Smiles, Bangkok, Thailand”. 

Since then I have learned a little about myself, explored many extraordinary places, ingested volumes of delicious delicacies and met some incredibly amazing people. It definitely was one of the happiest moments in my life.

The plan is to continue traveling the world and learn a little bit more about myself. As much as possible with the short time I have left. So that is what I am doing now!

Follow me on the Journey!